Audio & Technical Podcast Audit


This package is perfect for podcasters who want to make sure their audio quality is top-notch. With the Audio & Technical Audit, you’ll get a comprehensive evaluation of your podcast’s technical aspects, including audio quality, editing, and production. Our team of experts will identify any areas for improvement and provide detailed recommendations to help you take your podcast’s audio quality to the next level.

We will inspect the following areas of your podcast:

What you’ll receive:

​​​​​-Full review of your podcast with the above-mentioned areas inspected
-A detailed report in PDF that includes recommendations and sources on what could be improved
-Audio snippets made by us to show you the difference
-Delivery in 5 working days

Podcast audit is a valuable tool for any podcaster who wants to take their show to the next level. By identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for growth, a podcast audit can help you break through the growth barriers facing your podcast and achieve greater success.