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Sync Mixing’s B2B podcast launcher service is designed to empower companies, marketing agencies, or aspiring podcasters who seek to craft exceptional audio content. Our team of seasoned professionals brings decades of international experience in the radio industry to help you realize your podcasting ambitions.

Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to meet your every podcasting need, ensuring that you can focus on creating captivating content while we handle the technical aspects.

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We record your podcast online

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Audio Imaging

We make your show sound unique with various audio branding elements


We'll professionally edit your episodes to make sure they sound great on any device


We make your show available to everyone on the biggest podcast platforms

Our 360-degree services are designed to launch and take your podcast to new heights. With expertise in online recording, captivating audio imaging, professional editing, and widespread distribution, we have you covered in every phase of your podcasting journey.

Some Podcast Statistics

There are already more than 2 million active podcasts in the world, at least 48 million episodes are available and their number is constantly growing. More than 700,000 shows are available on Apple Podcasts alone.

Believe it or not, this is only the beginning. Podcast listeners are predicted to exceed 160 million worldwide by 2023. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about starting your podcast now, so you don’t jump into it too late considering the recent explosion of social media.

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Podcast Editing and Post Production

It is crucial to ensure a polished and professional end result. During this phase, we meticulously remove errors and background noises from your episodes, seamlessly incorporate your jingles, signals, or IDs (if provided), and master the audio to industry standards.

The quality of your podcast directly reflects your identity, whether as an individual, a team, or a company. You would not want to associate your name with a poorly edited podcast. The difference between a well-edited and a poorly edited podcast can be immense, impacting your credibility, listener engagement, and overall success. 

Raw Recording

Processed Recording

Processed with Music and Jingles

Podcast (Audio) Branding

It’s important to make a strong first impression with your podcast, as listeners often decide within a few seconds whether they want to continue listening.

By incorporating audio branding elements, such as a unique intro or outro, and sound effects, you can create an outstanding identity for your show that will help to keep listeners engaged and coming back for more. These elements differentiate your show from others in the crowded podcast market.

Podcast Intro Demo

Podcast Outro Demo

Podcast Distribution

When the podcast episode you’ve dreamed of is ready, it’s just the beginning; it holds little value without listeners. The availability of your show on multiple podcast apps increases the likelihood of new listeners discovering it.

Just like you, everyone has their preferred platform for listening to podcasts, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts, to name a few.

We not only ensure that your content reaches as many platforms as possible but also provide you with a range of promotional tools to expand your reach and connect with even more listeners.

Podcast Remote Recording

With our advanced recording technology, we offer convenient online podcast recording, particularly when you have guests joining you. Embrace the flexibility and ease of capturing your podcast episodes remotely, ensuring seamless collaboration and high-quality audio production.

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We support our customers with a free podcast landing page that you can use to promote your podcast and increase the chances of its discovery.

Make it easy for your listeners to listen to your show on their favorite platforms. It can be used on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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