Setting the Tone: Picking the Right Music for Your Podcast Intro and Outro

Music is the heart of a podcast intro or outro. It grabs listeners’ attention and sets the mood right from the start. It’s more than just background noise; it’s about making a connection and leaving a lasting impression.

Understanding Your Brand

Before diving into the music selection process, it’s essential to deeply understand the core of your podcast. What is the essence of your content? Is it designed to be entertaining and lively, or is it more focused on delivering serious, informative content? The music you select needs to be a reflection of your podcast’s personality, establishing a connection with your listeners and creating a cohesive auditory experience that aligns with your brand identity. Consider the emotions you want to evoke and how the music can enhance the overall atmosphere of your podcast.

Exploring Soundscapes

The journey to find the perfect music for your podcast is filled with numerous possibilities. Several online platforms, such as Incompetech and Bensound, offer a variety of musical options designed to align with your podcast’s ambiance. Subscription services like Epidemic Sound and Artlist are treasure troves of high-quality tracks, catering to diverse creative needs and offering a plethora of choices to find that perfect sound.

For those who desire a unique auditory signature, commissioning a composer to create a custom piece can be an excellent option. This approach allows you to develop an exclusive and memorable sound, distinguishing your podcast in a saturated market and providing a unique listener experience.

Selecting the Ideal Tune

When choosing your music, it’s crucial to keep your audience at the forefront of your decision-making process. The selected music should resonate with their preferences and serve to elevate your podcast’s content. It needs to be engaging and memorable without being intrusive or overshadowing the message you wish to convey.

Remember, less is more. Intros should ideally be concise, around 15-30 seconds, while outros can afford a bit more length but should still be succinct. Additionally, ensuring the legality of using the chosen music is paramount to avoid any potential legal complications.

Making Informed Choices

Your music choices should be made with careful consideration and respect for your content. For instance, a podcast focusing on meditation or relaxation should feature calming, serene music, avoiding anything too loud or aggressive. Similarly, podcasts discussing sensitive or delicate topics should opt for respectful, subtle tunes that complement the subject matter.

Maintaining engagement is crucial, especially for podcasts rich in information. Avoid lengthy, elaborate intros that risk losing the listener’s interest, leading to them potentially skipping ahead or abandoning the episode altogether.

Gathering Diverse Opinions

After selecting a potential piece of music, it’s invaluable to gather feedback from a diverse group of listeners. Assess whether the music aligns well with the content and resonates with the audience. Be open and receptive to making adjustments based on the feedback received, ensuring the final choice harmonizes seamlessly with your podcast’s essence and enhances the listener’s experience.


Choosing the right music for your podcast is a meticulous and thoughtful process. It involves a deep understanding of your brand, a clear insight into your audience’s preferences, adherence to legal considerations, and a dash of creativity. Whether you opt for a pre-made track or a custom composition, the selected music should form a bond with your listeners and enrich their auditory experience.

By diligently selecting and refining your intro and outro music, you are not merely setting the tone; you are crafting a unique auditory identity that will linger in the minds of your listeners. It’s a delicate balance, a dance between brand, content, and audience, paving the way for a resonant and successful podcasting journey.

Final Thoughts

The music you choose is the gateway to your content, the first and last impression left on your listeners. It’s the subtle thread that weaves through the listener’s experience, tying everything together. So, delve deep, explore the myriad of musical landscapes available, and find that perfect symphony that makes your podcast unforgettable.

We can help you

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